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How to Style Paperbag Shorts & Pants!

CHIC & ELEGANT is what PAPERBAG pants and shorts are. The paperbag trend has been around for a couple years now and it looks like it’s here to stay! Not only are they very flattering but comfortable too.

Why paperbag shorts & skirts?

  • They are easy to belt.
  •  They accentuate the smallest part of your waist

Always keep in mind…

  • Tuck your top fully into the shorts all the way around.
  • Pick a top that isn’t bulky so that it is easily tucked in and maintains the flattering shape of the shorts and your waist.

Now let’s look below and get an inspiration from collected pictures from Instagram.


It wouldn’t be spring without pastels! This is an easy outfit you can rock throughout spring and into summer.  Neutrals are spring’s best friend!

There are SO many colors you can pair with these denim shorts.

Instagram @dxneo


It doesn’t get any better than this look styled by Celine! Spotted at Krisjans Bistro rocking the elegant pants, sandals and an off the shoulder top. A LOOK! WE STAN!

Instagram @celine.haiketi


A Paperbag pant doesn’t always need to be casual! This look rocked by Rashenda would be perfect for professional meetings or coffee dates.

Instagram @rashenda.iz

Add some flare into your wardrobe and try out a Paperbag short, skirt or pants this Spring!

Thank us later…

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