On your marks. Get set. Date!

So the person you’ve been crushing on has asked you out. Or better yet, you have asked them out. I bet all my 25 cents that you’re over the clouds happy and in love. You feel as if nothing can burst your bubble. You even go as far as updating your social media accounts and telling everybody you meet in the store about how lucky you are.

Okay, a little exaggerated but necessary.

Many people will try and discourage you by saying you’re too young to be in love; go be wild and stupid instead. But honestly, when is the right time? Don’t let them project their idea of a perfect timing onto you or your happiness.

Others will say you don’t know what you want. But isn’t that the point? So that you start from an earlier age and find out what you are indeed searching for and willing to tolerate?

I’ve been told it’s better to get your heart broken and cry over it while you’re still young so that as you grow older you are wise enough to dodge bullets.

There are just some things nobody really tells you, like first of all, expect yourself to be showered with lots of love and admiration from your partner. Second of all, expect everyone to say they are happy for you but don’t expect them to actually mean it.
Third of all, expect long conversations with your bae but don’t expect them to be frequent. Lastly, don’t expect anything from your partner because you’re just signing yourself up for disappointments and heartaches.

Once the buzz dies down, the tricky part shows. Some couples argue and say that it starts to get boring and feel like a routine. Some claim that their partners stopped doing what they first did to win them over. Most cases, you might start to have wondering eyes for other people. Is this normal? You be the judge of that.

Let me keep it real with you: there will be days when you don’t even want to see or talk to your partner. That doesn’t mean you like them any less. It just means you’re human enough to desire your own solitude over company.There will be days where every little thing they do annoys you, even as innocent as breathing in your direction. But that’s why we love them even harder.

Whatever the situation may be, do not feel obligated to do something just because it’s in the now. Hold off on printing those Mr&Mrs t-shirts. Hold off on meeting the parents. Hold off on sleeping over at their place when they’re home alone. Hold off on going beyond any sexual boundaries.

Just because you said, “Yes, I’ll date you,” doesn’t mean you can’t say, “No, I’m not ready.”

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to put yourself first. Feel free to be strong and confident enough to put your foot down and walk away from something that doesn’t build you up.

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