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A Sneak Peek into University – With Wetu Shikage

Yes there it was, the time of my life, the time I have been waiting for. Time to meet awesome new people with different personalities. Time for evolution from high school to University level and of course the time to have some “me time” as well.

Haha!! “Me time?” Well here’s what it really is.Yes, this is what I would call the time of my life having always wanting to finish my high school and strict rules enforced each day, uniform this way, your hair tied that way and the same monotonous routine every day. I was truly never a fan of the high school routine.

Yes, university is a place where you get to meet new and interesting people with different personalities and perceptions of life but hey! Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and introduce yourself to a total stranger? Hmm not exactly for me, but either way, I have met some of the greatest people who think just as I do and definitely the most hilarious people. Not forgetting, “live Instagram”. If you are active on Instagram as I am and you ever wanted to see some of the people you follow in person, then University’s got you. That’s what “live Instagram” is.

Definitely this is a time of true and meaningful evolution from high school homework and many assessments, short questions sometimes in tests to another different sphere of University where you only have four assessments, some of which requires you to work in groups (which I hate), some tests with only two questions and is scored out of 40! This could only mean one thing which is hard work and self discipline. Be able to balance between the people around you and the purpose to why you are there. Ohhh here we go again! Responsibility for your education and discipline truly starts and is reflected here.

Finally, I do have some “me time” but definitely not as much as I imagined it to be. Lectures begin and end at different times everyday, with most of them beginning at 07:30 a.m. while others on other days begin at 11:00 a.m oh Fantastic! These are the days when you can get up and not have to rush yourself with puffy eyes because of the series or movies watched the previous night until late or to rush the early traffic of central Windhoek.

It is all fun and truly amazing, yet this is the time you are most accountable for your education, self discipline and for many other important aspects of life. You are an adult and this is why, you go through the process of registration and orientation by yourself so forget the song of “bring your parents” it does not apply here. You take responsibility, make the wrong choices and only you will account for them, make smart choices and again only you will graduate.

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