Balancing School and your Social Life

School and social interactions are equally important. Social interactions help us maintain good physical and emotional health. Additionally, we need an education to teach us the essential information we might need when we pursue our future careers. However, balancing your school social and school life is often challenging.
Here are a few tips on how to balance your life:


Plan on how you are going to manage your time. Make sure you’re aware of test dates, assignment due dates and social events dates and insert this on your calendar. By doing  this, you can clearly see what you have to do and make a few adjustments, if needed, to achieve that balance.


This means that you find out at which times you study more effectively. For example, some people prefer to study at night and others during the day. If you figure this out, you can then log out from your social media accounts and study without distractions or go home early after school to go study, or go out after you have finished studying. This requires a lot of self – discipline, but its going to be worthwhile.


Decide what you think is more important: Your school work or your social life. Often, school is our top priority so focus on that. However, if it isn’t, then focus on whatever is.


Sometimes you get so exhausted from your school and social life and it’s important to make time for yourself. Keep  yourself healthy emotionally and physically. For example, you can unplug from social
media and eating a balanced diet.
Therefore,there is no perfect formula for balancing your school and social
life. Each person must find a balance that works for them. If you can
develop the habits and self-discipline that you need to manage your time
effectively,you may find out that you can really enjoy your school life.

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