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This week, we sat down with the founders of Poetry Namibia and asked them a few questions. Stay tuned to our Instagram Account for a sweet surprise later today.

Poetry Namibia was founded by Shen Nanyanga and he runs it with 2 co-founders, Patricia Uapunduka and Yamikani Mnthambala.

The founder, Shen Nanyanga, started Poetry Namibia because he began to notice that Namibia had quite a lot of great writers, those of which had no means of actually publishing or showing other people their work. By establishing the network that is poetry.nam, they’re slowly moving into an age where Namibian writers have a comfortable space to just express themselves and get all the necessary exposure.
As you can imagine, poetry is a huge part of the Poetry Nam team’s lives.
To Patricia, 
Poetry is a safe heaven. Home. It’s a home for my notebooks to finally be free. Poetry helps me survive, breathe. 
Poetry means everything to me. I respect it with all my being. It’s a passion not a talent
To Shen: 
Poetry is not old, frail, and cerebral. Poetry is stronger and fresher than you think. Poetry is imagination. Poetry is a way of expressing feelings. Poetry is not only a dream and vision, it is a skeleton and its architecture is what we base our everyday lives on. It lays the foundation for a future of change, it’s a bridge across our fears.
To Yamikani:
Poetry is a universal language spoken by a select group of people that have something important to say. It’s not just scribbling 2 or 3 lines onto a piece of paper but it’s attaching heartfelt emotion to every empty space between words and echoing a message of love or fear voiced by every syllable and letter that spills out of a pen and into reality. 
Moving on, Poetry Namibia is hosting an event tomorrow, Friday the 30th, PHASES OF EXPRESSION. Here’s what it’s about and what you should be expecting.
PHASES OF EXPRESSION embodies the soul of the body that is POETRY.NAM. It is the essence of who we are as a poetry group and what we stand for. Every poet on that stage will bring you a speck of the multi-dimensional spectrum poetry.nam houses. The event will be a collage of bright brushed and dark twisted perspectives from each of the poets that will leave you altered for the better. What our audience should be expecting from the show? Change. Eye-opening change.

 Tickets are available at N$40 Pre-Event and N$50 at the gate. If you’re interested in buying a ticket, contact Mehafo at 0818312492.
Don’t forget to stay tuned to our Instagram Page for a surprise.

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