I Am Voting: Why You Should Vote

I Am Voting Namibia is a non-profit organisation founded by Joseph Ndondi and Natangwe Shipena, 21 and 20 years of age, respectively. They went to Otjikoto Secondary School together and later became friends at the University Of Namibia which they both attend. The idea started as a joke but the support they have received is unreal. 

Now, what is I Am Voting all about?

It is about inspiring a generation that is able to bring about change, not just complain.

They aim to do that by educating people to become more conscious voters which will  create a national identity through unity of voting and close the gap between the people that register and people vote by at least 25%.

Many people aren’t conscious about why they should vote, here’s why you should.

When you choose not to vote, you also choose to be separated from the democratic system.

The point of voting is to achieve both economical and political freedom, we need to strive for both, which can only be done by voting. 

In 5 years, here’s what they want to achieve

  1. Close the gap between the number of registered voters and people who vote.
  2. More participation in regional and national elections. 


If you’re still not convinced, 

When you decide not to vote, individually, it doesn’t affect you. But look at it from a whole country’s perspective, your seemingly harmless decision affects the whole country. Voting shapes a country for the next 5 years, your vote could make such a huge difference


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