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Winter Fashion Tips 2019

The best style season is here and we have some tips for you that will leave Jaws dropping!

1. Layer, layer, layer

If there’s one rule for winter fashion, it’s to layer, layer more, and layer yet again. Start off with a basic t-shirt, add a sweater and top it all off with a coat or denim jacket.

2. Skinny jeans

Photo: Aina Raiza Kweyo

If there’s one thing skinny jeans are great for, it’s your silhouette. They also give you a lot more layering opportunities because of how thin and versatile they are. Wear a pair of thick tights under them to make sure you don’t freeze to death, or, suffer for beauty.

3. Knitted Sweaters and Turtle necks

Photo: Disney Andreas

Both of these choices are stylish, warm and unisex, you can never go wrong. They look great with jeans, pants or skirts and collared shirts underneath. Get some awesome Sweaters or Turtle necks in Jet or Mr Price from just N$150.

4. Ankle Boots

Photo: Maria Nepembe

If there’s a winter fashion staple cuter than ankle boots, we aren’t aware of it. These can be worn with jeans, skirts and dresses but knowing how to wear them is what makes the real difference. Visit Glowsy to learn a bit more about how to wear ankle boots right.

Keep in mind that tight-fitting pants or leggings, or high-waisted skinny jeans or tailored pants pair perfectly well with ankle boots, visually elongating your legs and slimming you down. – Virginia Cafaro

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