5 Things I Learned From A 7 Day Social Media Detox

Our co-founder, Mehafo Amunyela took a social media detox and here are some of the lessons she shared with us.

1. Social media consumes your time

Uncontrolled usage of social media platforms can resulted in me wasting so much time. Time didn’t just fly by as it did when I watched Instagram stories or videos on the explore page. I had to come up with things to do that would spark my interest.

2. I could be productive

Not having social media wasn’t as bad as I anticipated after a few days. I started learning new things on YouYube, some of my newly acquired skills include learning how to tie a tie, how to do a double exposure photo using Snapseed, and other photo editing tips. The best things I learned had to do with the culinary arts, baking, knife skills, etc which I wholeheartedly enjoyed and I am seriously happy I had the time to learn that.

3. Self Discipline

Fun fact, I actually didn’t delete the social media apps, I simply logged out. Because I am already a very disciplined person, I wasn’t tempted to log back in but for someone who isn’t, self-discipline can be a good lesson to take from this.

It’s human nature to get tempted to fall into old habits but remember, the moment you log in, all efforts will be lost.

4. Self Care

“People aren’t lying to you on social media, they just don’t have to highlight the negatives in their lives. It’s not their job to list all their problems so you can feel secure in your decisions. You shouldn’t even be comparing yourself in the first place. ” – Aerin Creer

Despite the fact that we shouldn’t be comparing ourselves to people online, it’s inevitable. Without social media, I didn’t have anyone to compare myself to and I spent that time learning to love myself more.

5. I learned who my real friends were

This hit closest to home for me. No one knew I had logged off and after a few days when 3 people contacted me to find out if I was okay, I wondered, what about the rest? What happened to the friends who so publicly proclaim their love for me?

“No one’s going to give as much of a damn about you as you give about yourself and if you don’t, you should.”

Hear me out, social media is where many people have very prominent lives and if you deleted your apps without informing anyone and no one actually checks up on you, then you’ll know where you stand with a lot of people.

If there’s one thing I learned from this, it’s that I can live without it, and you can too. I’m no longer afraid to log out when my productivity is affected, I feel free. I love it!

I didn’t regret taking time off social media and I don’t think you will either.

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