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Skincare & haircare products to purchase NOW!

We compiled a list of 6 Namibian Skincare and Haircare brands that you should try out!


Chrisla Essentials is a 100% Namibian company dedicated to bringing the highest quality cosmetic products made from essential and carrier oils. At Chrisla Essentials our mission is to share 100% pure essential oils with the world.

Chrisla Essential Rosewater Facial Toner


The brand is aimed at the eccentric men of all age groups, from those discovering their body, moving forward into adulthood as a graduate, husband, brother, father, son, the man ready to take on his responsibilities as a man.

“All of our products are Namibian, environmentally friendly, vegan, cruelty free and organic. Our brand reflects luxury for the everyday man and this is why our beard kit is the ideal gift.

Our most popular and diverse product is our beard oil, it is unique in the market as it caters to men who shave (by preventing ingrown hairs), men who are aiming to improve their beards (assisting with natural growth; bringing the best out of said beard) and men with thick beards who want to groom it properly.”

By Design Beard Oil


African Naturals is a locally Namibian crafted, natural collection of hand-made body and ethnic hair products, with a unique blend of plant-based, herbal and African ingredients.
“Our natural skin and hair products are free of chemicals, sulphates, parabens and petroleum. African Natural hair and skin products are made with safe, gentle plant-based ingredients promoting hair growth, healthy hair & scalp as well as the skin and are completely eco-friendly.”
African Naturals Hair Range


Ilotu, a Subia word meaning “beautiful”, is an All-Namibian cosmetic company, that specializes in the production of natural, essential oil based, nutrient filled range of skin & hair healthcare products.

Our products aid in treating various skin and hair related conditions, such as the common acne, oily & dry sensitive skin, to fungal infections such as Athlete’s Foot.

Ilotu Cosmetics

O’Nature Cosmetics

O’Nature cosmetics is a Namibian brand of organic hair oils targeting the hair industry and Africa at large. It is the perfect blend of organic oils for the best oil treatment. The O’Nature Oil Treatment comes in 4 flavours; Lavender, Lime, Geranium, and Ylang Ylang. Hot oil treatments are a power regimen done during hair care to treat the scalp and promote healthy hair growth.

We have expanded into shampoos and soap bars using African Black Soap as our main ingredient.

Check out O’Nature Cosmetics’ online store and get something for yourself: 

O’Nature Cosmetics

And there you have it! Start purchasing your fave products now.

Let’s support Namibian owned businesses.

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