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Should You Take A Gap Year?

We have a University Guide column on our site but in case you’re not sure about going to university, we asked Cj Dumeni, Namibian Tech Entrepreneur, to give us some insight on taking a gap year.

In 2013, I applied for a scholarship to study in the UK which didn’t pull through. I had to wait for the next year to apply to another university which resulted in me taking a gap year.


Despite the fact that I wasn’t completely willing to take a gap year, I learned quite a lot from it. The best was the perspective I gained from taking a gap year.

A lot of people rush into something they don’t want to study and end up hating it a few years in.

Not to mention you are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to study something you hate, not a good idea. A gap year allows you to get more understanding of what you actually want to do.

Real life experience was also a major advantage for me. You have time for a part-time job where you can gain experience which helps you massively when you get into university. I took 2 gap years which I don’t regret at all. I started a small business with a friend and we sold sweaters and t-shirts, it was fun.

One last pro is the impact that it had on what I decided to study in University. I initially wanted to study economics but over time, because I was working on so many marketing projects, I became passionate about it.

The real truth is you will never know what you like till you try as many things as possible.

That’s the mistake a lot of students make, and then the first year of university hits them like a brick.


However, everything has its downsides. For me, I felt like I was running out of time because everyone my age graduated a year earlier.

You may feel like you’re one step behind, but remember that you’ll always come first place if you run your own race.

So, the question is, should you take a gap year?

If you have any uncertainty regarding university, take a gap year and figure it out while you’re still young.

Every student should treat a gap year like a “30 day Free trial” for every subject they might like.



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