If you have a passion, you can easily turn it into a flourishing career. Dante, a young entrepreneur chats to us about his agency and how he is pushing it through. Youth activist and public speaker, Pukuu, shares with us her to journey to being a youth activist and public speaker and how she balances everything with school. Catch up with them on their career journey, life and where their dream is projected towards in the near future.



Who is Pukuu?

My name is Hinauarue Rijatua, Pukuu is a nickname my dad gave me which means mouse in my language because I was really tiny when I was born. I’m seventeen years old, turning 18 on the 11th of July, 2001 baby.
I enjoy anything to do with arts, ever since I was a kid I was always into painting and drawing which later developed into makeup and anything beauty related. I enjoy singing as well, joined the COTA youth choir for a year then I had to give it up because of school.

What are your future/career aspirations? How are you working towards them?

At the moment I am torn between the goal that I’ve have always wanted since I was a little girl, to study Law and my passion. I was always so determined to study hard so I could do Corporate law when I was done with school, but my heart lies with Media and Public relations. I’m optimistic to see what will come of all this.How am I working towards them, I’m studying sis.

This issue is about celebrating Namibian brands, what do you have to say about Namibian brands?

I personally feel like Namibian Brands are reaching some impressive heights. We definitely have more innovative and creative brands that target Men and Women such as RIA Namibia with divine clothes and Wellem Kapenda with the beard oil. So many entrepreneurs are on the rise with interesting diverse projects all aimed at improving Namibia in various industries because the opportunities are limitless.
I definitely feel like there are a few gaps in the market, but I believe in due time, Namibian brands will be booming. Although the target market is mainly for the working class, affordability is there.

Favourite Namibian brand at the moment?

At the moment Timid Namibia is my favorite brand. It caught my eye from the very start, minimalistic and simple but cute.

Talk to us about being a Public Speaker and Youth Activist. How is it like?

It all started when I joined the ‘hands club’ at my school. My Life Science teacher suggested it for me and I needed to start setting goals for myself, so I went. After sessions I found myself unraveling and speaking out, I was always an outspoken person but something about the group made me feel free. So I shared and shared, up until my current mentor, Otto Kapuka scouted me and gave me a free mentorship. He develops people for a living basically.
From that I began doing motivational speaking which branched out to hosting, the peak of this being hosting an event for the first lady of the republic of Namibia. That day she ignited my hidden passion of social issues our youth faces today, and effective activism towards that so I joined her #befreecampaign and began getting invited to host youth empowerment events and gala dinners.
I began debating shortly after that to strengthen my character and to attain exposure for my law aspirations, surprisingly enjoying the thrill of competitiveness. Debate motions were always around the status quo of the country being the social, political and economic state of not only Namibia, but the continent as a whole and when I did research for these motions before debates, I was heartbroken at some of these statistics and wanted to help.I am currently attending the African Girls Can Code(AGCC) Conference in Pretoria, South Africa. This is a women’s empowerment initiative sponsored by U.N Women, ITU as well as the AU. Every year for four years, five girls from each of the SADC countries come to this conference to develop action plans for pressing issues women and girls in Africa face today such as child marriage, female genital mutilation, gender based violence and many more, through coding programs to bring awareness. The conference had many speakers from the leaders of the United Nations, to U.N Women representatives as well as representatives from the African Union.

Words you live by.

Bad energy, stay far away.

Quick Questions:

Favourite Makeup brand?


Heels or Sneakers?


Pukuu in three words.




Who do you look up to?

Himba Girl.


1. Who is Dante?

I’m Danté Ilovu-Just, currently 20 years of age. I’m a full time entrepreneur, the team leader and CEO of Just-Ilovu Creative Agency. We have currently been operating for a year and is one of my greatest achievements thus far in my life. My hobbies include going to the gym and keeping a good physical health, learning new strategy for different businesses and hanging out with friends. I like taking risks anything that gets my adrenaline pumping is something I’d definitely engage in. I dislike people that don’t have a sense of care for others.

What are your future/career aspirations? How are you working towards them?

I usually don’t plan for the future as nobody knows what exactly the future holds. My goal right now is to grow spiritually and grow Just-Ilovu Creative Agency in Namibia have it running sustainably before taking the next step to open a branch in Berlin, where I eventually would like to get my education as well. My ultimate goal and what keeps me going day to day is to eventually buy O&L Group of companies and Manchester United which seems impossible, probably is, but what matters is I love business and the process so I’ll always be determined to reach my career aspirations.

Describe your style. What is your go to outfit?

I can describe my style as minimal, I try to buy the same shirt, pants and shoes if I go shopping. I like to keep it simple and minimal during the week, I like to wear 1/2 pants only during the week only and switching the shirts around as little as possible, this really allows me to put all my thoughts and creativity to be used in more important parts of the day and business decision.
My go to outfit is any pair of jeans that aren’t baggy and plain white t-shirt or a very light pink, shoes are always like super always vans. When I go to a formal event I like to have a good fitting suit ALWAYS and it always has to from lumiere-namibia.com.
I’m literally not myself if my suit is not from Lumière – The Style Avenue.

Talk to us about Just-Ilovu Creative Agency. How did it come about?

Just-Ilovu Creative Agency is a digital creative agency that specializes mainly in Digital Artwork, Web Development and Social Media Content Strategy. In my final year of school it quickly became evident to me after helping my Lumière with some social media branding it’s what I want to continue doing for life. I interned at an advertising agency where I learned most of everything that I know today, this place shaped me properly. The team leader Archie Shipanga to this day is always leading me and giving me advise when I visit Space Dimensions, I learn from everyone in that place and I want to get to that point and achieve much much more.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Within the next 5 years I would really be interested in becoming a Monk. My companies will definitely be at a some what self sustainable place where I can just focus on myself and grow mentally which is something that is very important for me. Once I grow mentally and spiritually I believe I’ll be able to understand people on a more empathetic level which will allow me to create a great working space for all my employees.

This issue is about celebrating Namibian brands, what do you have to say about Namibian brands?

In terms of Namibian Brands I’m very fascinated by how certain they were really able to grow in the past 5 years. The culture is definitely shifting and many of them are now looking at it from a more corporate point of view rather then a get money quick business. I’ve been seeing so many young creatives that are so passionate about it that blows my mind few years ago starting a clothing brand was nothing like it is now. Brands are also increasingly operating from the Internet and e-commerce which I’m proud of and is very important for our economy as well. The Internet gives our brands a unique opportunity to showcase our innovative concepts to the rest of the world.

Favourite Namibian brand at the moment?

Gweri VINTAGE, the creative and the way these guys innovate is really the approach that Namibian Brands should be taking- they are doing everything right and I just love the brand so there is not much to say except that it’s PERFECT.

What do you do in your free time?

In my free time I like spending time with my friends and being alone, being alone for me is extremely important.

Words you live by.


Quick Questions:

Adidas or Nike?

Vans but okay Checks over stripes

Dante in three words?




Who do you look up to?

Toivo Nuugulu

Three songs currently on repeat.

Monday to Monday by Saba

Ohne Mean Team by RAF Camora

Old Town Road by Lil Nas x

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