Model: Diana Andimba

Get to know our Model Feature for this month, confident and ambitious Diana Andimba who is also studying Architecture in Turkey.

Shot by @vinity_photos

1. Tell us who Diana Andimba is.

Diana is confident, outspoken and overly ambitious. I’m never afraid to do or say what is on my mind. My ultimate goal in life is to reach the maximum level of happiness while I do what I love, and mostly to help improve, impact and inspire lives on my journey of life.

2. Where are you currently based?

I am currently based in Turkey, however, I move back and forth between Namibia and Turkey.

3. How did your modelling career kick off?

My modelling journey started about 2 years ago when I enrolled in ProModel Africa Modelling Agency, where I underwent training and was scouted me to be part of the agency due to my outstanding performance. It was a great two years I would not take back for the world.

Shot by: @amphotography911

4. How do you handle negativity as a model?

I remind myself of where I came from and who I have become. If I focused on all the negativity, I would’ve stopped myself from achieving great things so I surround myself with optimists and a positive audience.

Don’t compare yourself to others, you offer something different from everybody else.

5. What are some of the greatest pleasures you have experienced from modelling?

Modelling has introduced me to myself in so many ways. The amount of self-growth I procured while on my humble journey has really opened doors for me. I can truly say that I have found myself a spot in society, where I can be of great help to other girls searching for a career in modelling. I became grounded in being confident and in how I present myself to the world.

Shot by @vinity_photos

6. What advice do you have for girls who want to model?

Firstly, make the decision to do it and when you do, take it seriously.

If you don’t take yourself seriously no one will.

Respect and love yourself, be consistent, find a really good mentor and reach for the stars.

7. Apart from modelling, what else do you do?

I am currently finishing off my BA in Architecture and I have also started to venture in the Presenter stages as I really do aspire to become a major TV personality.

8. Moving on from modelling, what is your current favourite fashion trend?

The fashion trend I currently love is silk scarves. Putting them on handbags, choker around the neck or as a headpiece is totally sleek and elegant.

Shot by: @rdziva_photography

9. Do you have a quote or moral value you live by?

You are who you absolutely believe you are.


Pick One

Mercedes Benz or Bentley?

Bentley, any day!

Chocolate or Ice Cream?


Nike or Adidas?


Summer or Winter?


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