Editor’s Letter – June 2019

Hey hey Afterbreak readers!

Has been a long time hey? Well, time flies. We are already in June- halfway through the year! Hope y’all have been doing just fine. Balancing Afterbreak and academics has been hectic but we’re trying!

Today, we present to you the long awaited Issue that is all about Celebrating Namibian Brands. It is time we start supporting local- be it music, clothes, food and you name it because LOCAL IS LEKKER! For the rest of the year, we will be acknowledging Namibian products, from music all the way to eat-out places!

Our cover is graced by Pukuu and Dante; two phenomenal beings with a great sense humor. They chat to us about their career journey, life and where their dream is projected towards in the near future.

In Other News…

We will be changing our posting schedule to help us cope better with the workload and still deliver quality. As from July, we will be posting 2-3 posts a week. The posts will not change much, we will still do model features, interviews, university guides, and so on.

We also have new contributors on board (see on Instagram)- meaning more exciting content coming up soon. We will be giving away a few Namibian products so make sure you are glued on our social media pages.

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Thank you for your support, until next time!

With love,

Rejoice and Mehafo





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