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4 Namibian Brands You’re Sleeping On

Local is lekker, isn’t it?

Supporting local basically means buying anything that is made or grown locally to where you live, as opposed to buying products or food that is sourced from another country.

Namibian brands are the future and the future is now. Here are 4 Namibian brands that we think you should HAVE!

Lumière- The Style Avenue

Lumière- The Style Avenue produces and retails stylish quality clothing with a touch of elegance and authenticity.

Lumière – The Style Avenue products range from Clothing, Shoes, leather bags and accessories for both women and men. Their ranges are produced in various colors that are in season to keep up with International Trends.

Squad Apparel Int

Squad Apparel Int.

Squad Apparel Ltd is an international clothing brand based in Namibia stretching to South Africa and China.

Timid Namibia

Timid Namibia

Timid is a brand that will just not be a statement on the wall or a simple logo but this brand is a reflection of our thinking, character and values. We want to encourage people to wear whatever flaw they may possess with pride. We describe Timid individuals as people that see potential in this brand and helping young entrepreneurs set out a tone for all young Namibians. Our motto for Timid is ‘unlocking levels’, which is exactly what we plan on doing.

Gweri Vintage Collection

Gweri Vintage Collection brings us an exciting range of Namibian-inspired socks- Gweri Socks and fashion accessories.

So the next time you need to run out for some groceries or do a little shopping, seek out a local business and see what they have to offer!  You could discover some great products and services while helping to build a strong and successful community around you.

What are some of your favourite locally made products? We would like to know!




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