The Taste Bud Namibia – Grove Mall’s Newest Addition

Anyone who’s active on Instagram knows about the famous Fried Ice Cream Rolls making rounds on the Explore tab. Thankfully, we have The Taste Bud Namibia to thank for bringing this amazing creation to our country. 

The Taste Bud is one of its first kind that specializes in selling Stir-Fried ice cream rolls here in Namibia.

They work on frozen plates that run between -25 to -30 degrees to create each customer’s own fresh cup of stir-fried ice cream rolls.

The Taste Bud Team is made up of team of two partners who prefer to keep their names out of the spotlight to keep it as professional and safe as possible.

The team was inspired by Namibia’s need for new and exciting products. Most importantly, they wanted to motivate young entrepreneurs to take the risk and build up their own business/dream.

Working for someone is a must these days, but working for yourself and seeing that every little effort you put in rewards itself is an absolute moment of growth and pride.


The hardest part of opening shop however, was starting the company from the ground up in today’s world. With everyone mentioning how down our Namibian economy is, it put a few negative thoughts in their minds but they learned to just hold on, look past all the negativity and work hard.

The more you put in the more you get out.

That is something everyone knows but there are other aspects that make it difficult, leaving a steady job, begging for financial support, making several mistakes, equipment repairs etc.

“Yes, after periods of frustration, regret and so many tears you really do learn a lot, I have to give you that. And as we all, know it might be a rocky road but it is so worth it once you reach the top of the mountain.”

They recently opened a kiosk in The Grove Mall of Namibia, upper level in front of Superspar but also sell via a mobile food cart at all sorts of events. The kiosk currently employs 4 people who work in shifts throughout the week.

Stir-Fried Ice cream rolls are only the beginning as they are planning on more exciting things for the winter season. If all goes accordingly, they are planning to expand to more countries in Africa, South Africa, Botswana, Angola and many more.


Be sure to visit The Grove Mall of Namibia to get your cup of fresh Fresh Fried Ice Cream Rolls this summer, don’t forget to tag them on Instagram

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