Summer 2018/19 Magazine Cover ft Nalitye Shan

The Summer Issue 2018/19 – Afterbreak Magazine

Summer is in full swing, and so is Afterbreak Magazine’s summer issue!

It’s with great excitement that we welcome you, our wonderful readers to the Summer edition of Afterbreak Magazine. Thank you for springing into a new season with us as Afterbreak continues in providing diverse articles that are appealing to our readers

Everyone loves the summer, especially teenagers. Finally, they can sleep in, hang out, and just “chill,” right? Well, yes and no. Our series of articles has everything for the summer.

Across our Summer issue, actress and model Nalitye Shan graces our summer issue. She gets candid about the entertainment industry, how she balances school with her career and her future plans.

Charis Thiele reminds us to love ourselves, to be confident in our body and stop comparing ourselves to our peers. She also shares her story on how she became confident and started loving herself.

To help us reflect on our mental health, Francineth Bauleth tells us why therapy should be a necessity and why teenagers in high school are at higher risk to develop mental illnesses or disorders.

Trends  are leaving in 2018 and instagram….

Feel inspired by Rose Bimpe, the child model and actress making moves in Namibia, Veyama the Ballerina and try some summer smoothies and Fried Ice Cream Rolls by the Taste Bud Namibia, Grove Mall’s newest addition. 

Last but never least, we give you some insights on how to know if he’s into you and tips for great skin this summer.

On the cover:

Model: Nalitye Shan

Instagram: @nalitye_shan

Twitter: @nalitye_shan

Facebook: Nalitye Shan

Photographer: Kat Grudko

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