How To Become An Au Pair

Your first question might be, what is an Au Pair?
Well according to Google, an Au Pair is a young foreign person, a woman or a man who helps with housework or childcare in exchange for food, a room and some pocket money.
Now, why become an Au Pair? If you are by any chance thinking of taking a gap year, but have no idea what to do during that time, then Au Pair work might be a suitable option. During your time as an Au Pair you are able to build connections, travel and possibly even experience some life changing events.
-by Namafu Amutse
Namfu Amutse

These tips are going to work for you if you;

  1. are Namibian.
  2. would like to Au Pair in Germany and
  3. have a German Language Certificate or plan on obtaining one from the Goethe Institute or from school called the DSD I / DSD II.

Beware of scams!

First things first, I would advise you to use the website, in my opinion it is the most reliable one because many others are scams. When setting up your profile, be as honest as possible, if there are certain foods or habits you don’t like, mention them. Your profile should show that you are serious about wanting to become an Au Pair. That means, you need to describe yourself in detail, describe you hobbies and your qualities in detail as well. Make your profile picture approachable, so just take a decent picture of yourself and upload that.

Choose the right family.

Finding the right family takes some time, don’t rush and pick any random family out of desperation. Chances are that won’t lead to any good. Only message families you can really see yourself fitting in and when messaging the families, really type a descriptive message explaining why you see yourself fitting to them by mentioning what you have read in their profile.

The family and I in Vienna, Austria.

How long it will take for you to find a family all depends on how active you are on the website. There are many Au Pair profiles and you need to aim at being one of the first people to message the family, that way you stand a better chance. And if you really want to make an impression, type the message in German, if you feel it’s a little rusty, Google translate has your back.

Families will reject you but that should not stop you from continuing to search for the one. I got rejected probably more than 20 times. Rejections are nothing bad, it’s important for both parties to feel like they’re a match for the sake of both parties.

Be honest.

When messaging families, be detailed about when you want to start, how long you would like to work for, how much pocket money they are offering, etc. Also, for progress, move the conversation from Au Pair World to Skype or WhatsApp/Facebook where you can call/video call.

During our travels in Salzburg, Austria.

I’d like to mention that the flight ticket is your responsibility. However you might be lucky to find a family that decides to buy it for you or at least contribute a certain amount.


Once you see that you and a certain family are making progress, book for an interview at the German Embassy well in advance. You will need to apply for a national visa. All the forms and checklists are on their website. There are also documents you will need from the family, my family sent me these documents via post which took about 2-3 weeks.

Au Pair World also has documents you will need, so check out their checklist as well and inform yourself and the family.

A national visa for Germany costs about N$ 1200, so be sure to budget for that in advance.

If you have any questions regarding the national visa application, email the German Embassy , they’ll get back to you.

Once you have made you have all the necessary documents, your visa process should not take any longer than 3 weeks.

Noah casually having breakfast and me photo bombing.

I’d also like to mention that becoming an Au Pair is not some walk in the park job, it’s not all lavish and travel and having a good time. You are expected to hold up to the end of your contract. So focus on that and everything else is bonus.

If you have any queries regarding Au pair, feel free to contact Namafu Amutse on:
Instagram – @tapforidiosyncrasy
Twitter – @AmutseNamafu.
Or check out her video on YouTube on How To Become An Au Pair:

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