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Handbag Essentials: Items Every Woman Should Have

One thing every girl, lady or woman should always do before walking out of that door is make sure she has all her essentials she’s gonna need for the day. It doesn’t matter how many they are because it’s in our nature as women, to make sure you pack the whole house and take it along with you anywhere.
-By Secilia Iileka

1. Your Mobile Phone

This is the most important belonging you could ever take anywhere as much as you think you might lose it or get robbed. In cases of emergency your phone is your best friend. Nowadays you basically have access to everything with the use of your phone, money transfer, location, etc.

2. Lip-balm/Lotion

Dry lips or Skin is no longer acceptable. As ladies, we need to maintain fresh and soft lips and skin at all types considering the fact that weather conditions vary.

3. Hand Sanitizer/Hand Wipes/ Tissues

Tissues never disappoint, they’re extremely useful the day you’re in a public toilet and you’re faced with the problem of an empty toilet paper roll. A bottle of hand sanitizer will come in handy, especially after using public toilet facilities.¬†Tissues can also be an alternative to hand sanitizers after washing your hands.

4. Wallet

A lady’s handbag is incomplete without a wallet. Make sure you have your documents everywhere you go as well as some cash in case you get stranded with no transport.

5. Gum/Breath Mints/Sweets

If you’re having tuna for lunch, help yourself out and chew one immediately. Bad breath is a turnoff in any situation. Have some sweets to boost your energy levels as well.

6. Perfume/Body spray

Summer is here which means the sweat is also back! Smell fresh and cute all day long and avoid unpleasant smells.

7. Power Bank

We all know the feeling of having a battery low phone when the Sun hasn’t even set and you have unfinished business. Don’t be left annoyed at the end of the day, especially CREATIVES! This is a necessity, you don’t want to miss those calls from America, jokes aside, a power bank is a necessity.¬†

8. Mirror

Who doesn’t love the mirror? Stop for 10 seconds and make sure your hair and your facebeat looks good. Check between your teeth for any left over tuna for lunch.

9. Makeup Bag

Last but not least, you have to look good all the time so be sure to throw in your foundation, mascara, eyeliner and anything else you need for a touch up. You might as well throw in some hair accessories. First impressions always leave a mark.

There you go ladies. Make sure you have all these necessities in your handbag.

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