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God Confident with Charis: Self Love Because You Are Enough

Hello Everyone!

2018 is close to an end and it has been a year filled with love, memories, unforgettable experiences and lessons, but the one thing I have found, practiced and conquered this year was self-love.

Self-love is very important because you have to live with yourself till you die and to live the life God has gifted you full-out, you have to be happy with who you are first. The first thing I did on my journey was to surround myself with positivity and people who bring out the good in me. It really changes your entire lifestyle as you instantly turn happy without even knowing it.

The second thing I did was to get my mindset about myself on the correct path. I started telling myself 

“My body looks like this, and that’s OK, I don’t need to look like her and that’s OK.”

Immediately I started loving myself day by day. This was probably the most difficult step but if you are determined, you can do anything. And lastly, if you know you’ll be more confident if you make a change in your diet or lifestyle then go for it, but don’t torture yourself by starving or using a workout as punishment. If you want to follow this step, I recommend you check out Olivia Vargus’s weight loss journey which she published on her YouTube channel. This was the outcome of my 2018 and I couldn’t be happier, here is how I got to this point through God’s help.

In the beginning of this year I wasn’t confident in myself and I have met many people with the same issue: comparing yourself to others. If I had to count the amount of times that I’ve seen a pretty girl on Instagram with a skinny body and have compared my body to hers, it would go on endlessly. This gave me the mindset of- if they look like that, then why don’t I? If you have thousands of followers on your Pinterest board (that everyone finds relatable), then what’s wrong with mine? If you can get 100 likes on your new Instagram post in 10 min and I only get 10, then I must be ugly. And so, I was busy convincing myself that I wasn’t good enough if I wasn’t like someone else.

In the middle of this year everything went downhill: my marks, friendships, social life, health, confidence and I didn’t do what was best for me. But, ultimate realization hit me, and oh boy did it hit me hard. I didn’t know God, I thought that the only thing that it took to know God was to just read your daily verse and that was it, but then I started studying the bible, reading it more often, and PRAYING. Praying made a huge difference in my life.

“Don’t say God is silent if your bible is closed and your lips are sealed.”

Then I started being myself and gaining self-love and it felt like a became a brand new person.

The one bible verse that opened my eyes and started my journey of self-love was

Psalm 139:14 “You are fearfully and wonderfully made”

It told me that no matter how annoying my laugh is, how messy my hair is when I wake up, how ugly my handwriting might be, how big my thighs are, how false I sing in the shower, how many mistakes I make and repeat, I will always remain perfect and enough in God’s eyes. God put every single human being on this earth to fulfill a purpose. To do so we need to seek the Lord. He will, however, always seek your time with Him because He is the one that made every single piece of you and knows your potential.

“To wake up knowing that I’m perfect in God’s eyes, is enough,”

is a very powerful quote to me because God is the only thing that matters.

The next time someone makes you feel like you’re not good enough, remember that when you go to heaven one day those words will mean nothing. All that will matter is if you took the life God gave you and lived it to your fullest. So don’t ever care what people say or think about you, just keep on being your own self and do what makes you happy. Be enough for yourself and make God proud. Sometimes it makes me sad to know that there are people out there that are constantly being dragged down because they are told that if they are not like someone else they are not good enough when all they need to build themselves up is God and their happiness. Everyone is their own person and it is beautiful that everyone is different because the world would be boring if everyone had the same hair, same face, same reactions, same thoughts and no one would be unique.

In conclusion:

You have flaws just like everyone else, but you need to own them and fall in love with them.

How many followers, likes, saves or views you get doesn’t contribute to who you are as a person. Achieve self-love by accepting who you are and remember that if someone makes you feel like you aren’t enough, you will ALWAYS be enough in God’s eyes.

I hope that God sends love and blessings your way and have Merry Christmas and happy new year!

– Charis Thiele xo
Instagram: @chxris.t  | Blog: God Confident with Charis


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