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If you’re passionate about donating to underprivileged people, get to know the Kadhila Foundation, a non profit organisation with the aim of helping and educating disadvantaged people countrywide.

1. Who is the man behind The Kadhila Foundation? In a nutshell, who is Juuso P Kadhila?

Juuso P Kadhila is a young entrepreneur and IT Technician from Omuntele, Oshikoto region. I was born in Oshikuku and moved to Omuntele to live with my dad. I am currently based in Ongwediva where I have my office for my company called N Twenty Fourteen Investments cc that offer Computer Solutions and Graphic Design services.

2. What encouraged you to start the foundation?

Growing up, I was raised by parents who are giving and caring and I guess I inherited it from them to a point where 2 years ago I decided to host the Omuntele Annual Tournament and Miss tournament for the youth. I grew up there seeing my people struggling so I decided to start a family Foundation with the aim of helping people around my community and countrywide too by giving a hand to disadvantaged people, educating the youth and establishing community projects that are beneficial to them.

The vision of our foundation is to be the foundation that changed everything, the foundation that made a difference, that foundation that gave you a story to tell.

3. What was the biggest challenge you faced?

The biggest challenge was capital. We all know by now that in life everything comes with a price.

Apart from that we are yet to experience more challenges and it’s good to face challenges, nothing comes on a silver platter.

4. What were some of your previous projects?

We actually don’t have any previous projects, all our projects are starting in December. The Omuntele Cleaning campaign will launch on the 19/12/18, after that, the Omuntele Annual Tournament and Miss Tournament 2018 that will start on the 20-22 December and then Donate Sanitary Pads To Rural School Girls Project. The first donation will be in January 2019 at Nyambali Junior School, Omuntele Oshikoto region.

5. Which of the upcoming projects are you most excited for? 

Donate Sanitary Pads To Rural School Girls is yet my best project. It means a lot to me and it is close to my heart.

6. How did you come up with the idea of donating sanitary pads to schools in rural areas?

One day I was actually thinking about how back in high school at Nyambali Junior School, one of the learners had her skirt bloody and people were laughing and I noticed that not every girl has access to sanitary pads. My female friends (Aina Johannes, Bertha Haimbili and Pewa Kapiye) loved the idea and from then, we decided to help disadvantaged girls by donating sanitary pads.

Every girl deserves a pad.

7. Can anyone donate sanitary pads?

YES EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO DONATE. Thank you to everyone who has pledged to donate to our foundation.

The future is woman and girls.

To make donations, Email kadhilafoundation@gmail.com or Call Juuso at +264814720468, Aina at+260816304264, Bertha at +264811462055 or Pewa at +264856407560.

A small donation can have a big impact.

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