Rose Bimpe

A Rising Star, Meet Rose Bimpe

Living in a developing country of just over 2 million people, opportunities for young aspiring actors and models are hardly available and there is not well developed film and modelling industry.

Rose Bimpe who is a child model from Namibia is currently facing challenges that may affect the take-off of her career, as the opportunities for her are non-existent in Namibia.

Rose Bimpe

Rose was born on 13 March 2014 in the Northern part of Namibia, Oshakati. She moved to the capital city Windhoek with her mother when she was just a few months old. 

Apart from the love for acting and drama, Rose loves and has a passion for fashion and regularly poses for pictures, whenever an opportunity poses itself.

At age 2, she started imitating television models and told her mother about her passion for modelling. At the tender age of 3, Rose also felt the passion for acting starting to creep in, something she repeatedly said.

She watches a lot of fashion shows on television during her spare time and she’s a very active child, imitating actors and airing her own sarcasm on how they present themselves and how she could do better.

She loves posing for photos, and acting funny dramas on her own. One of her greatest achievements this year was when she got  featured in a global campaign video by the American NGO named FinMango that focuses on financial literacy for kids and women in developing countries. She recently did an ad for a local supermarket that will come out soon and has also been on a local restaurant’s awareness poster for their big birthday bash that will take place on 15 December. Rose is also the model on The Taste Bud’s summer advert.

The Taste Bud x Rose Bimpe

During Rose’ free time, she loves playing dressing up games and being with her school books and enjoys a good story reading time. She loves swimming too.

In 2019, her mum hopes to have Rose getting featured in a Nollywood, Hollywood, Bollywood or Ghallywood movie or any other film around the world. She doesn’t want domestic limitations of Namibia’s struggle to create opportunities for talented child actors to dampen our dreams. She would also like Rose to get featured in South African retailers ads such as Jet, Soda Bloc, Edgar’s and Ackermans.

Her mother, who is also her manager had this to say when she was asked where she sees her daughter in 3 years:

“To be honest, I see her being an unstoppable child star from Namibia who has been featured in several films and did very well. I’m also praying that an American kids production house would have had taken in Rose by then because they have so many opportunities and I think she can have her talent appreciated and well utilized because of the level that their industry is at. With consistency, patience, prayer and hard work, I know all her dreams will come true by then according to the short term goals.”

Rose Bimpe

Are you a film director and need that sassy child for a role, contact Rose.

Are you a fashion designer and need an active and bubbly child to model your kids’ line, Rose is here.

Are you a photographer and need to market your work on children, don’t hesitate to contact her momager.

Rose is currently based in Namibia but her dreams are unlimited and Rose is flexible to travel anywhere around the globe.

Rose Bimpe can be reached via WhatsApp on +264813706788. Her Instagram account is consistently updated with great content and her Instagram handle is : @rose.bimpe where she has over 11 000 followers who love her content. Rose also has her own website

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