namibia's heat

6 Ways to beat the Namibian heat this summer

With temperatures hitting the 40s this summer, we are all looking for ways to escape the heat. Here are 6 great ways to keep cool this summer.

Indulge in ice cream

When it’s hot, ice cream is always the solution. Some standout places include the famous Cramer’s ice cream with menu items like their coriander & raspberry ice cream and gooseberry sorbet with a very bold, rich taste. – Pure bliss! Or head over to Namibia’s one and only stir-fried ice cream rolls – The Taste Bud!

Go to the beach

Well, they don’t call it beach weather for nothing right?

You can spend quality time with friends/family at the beach or you can go sunbathing. Getting a tan, laying down and relaxing to the sound of the waves is a plus. Beach

Go on a boat tour

Summer is truly the prime season for boat tours. Winding through the Walvis Bay Harbour,Bird Island,Pelican Point, Oyster Farms and back while the warm sun energizes you from overhead is another plus.

Go swimming

Swimming is a great way to cool off especially if you don’t live close to the beach.

“Life is cool by the pool.”

There is no reason to be complaining about the heat, we got you right here!


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