6 Signs he’s into you

How do I tell he’s into me?

Don’t worry, it’s simple. Are you crushing on him and wondering if he feels the same way? We are here to plug you!

Here are 6 signs he’s into you.

He opens up about his own passions, goals and opinions

It’s often harder to speak about ourselves, than it is to delve into other people’s lives. When a man opens up to you about his passions, his life goals and what makes him tick, it means he trusts you enough to do so. He wants you to experience what makes him happy, excited or downright angry.

He’ll want to know what you think of his opinions and he’ll share some of his past as a way to offer insight into his mind. In this way, he’ll be talking to you like a friend, rather than trying to impress you, just to sleep with you or fuel his own ego.

He includes you in his life

Even if a guy is showering you with gifts and lavishing attention on you, if he’s not including you in his life, chances are he’s not really into you (or he has a seriously dark past). When he is sincerely interested, he’ll want to tell his friends about the great girl he’s met, he’ll mention you to work mates and maybe even to his family.

As time goes on, you’ll naturally meet people in his life and include each other in your social lives. However, even initially, it’s pretty hard to stay quiet when you really like someone. So, you’ll soon find out if he thinks your relationship is going somewhere, if he mentions you to those in his inner circle.

He talks about short-term future plans

If your man is asking about your weekend availability in a month, it’s almost a guarantee of his ever-growing affection for you. Buying concert tickets, a trip away or inviting you to an event later in the year, is his way of telling you he wants you to stick around. Not only that, but it means you’re firmly in his short-term future plans and he’s viewing life with you in it, rather than on the periphery.

He can’t help but tell you what he likes about you

Even if he’s a ‘man of few words’, chances are a guy who’s into you won’t be able to help the compliments coming hard and fast. They won’t just be about your sexy legs and pretty eyes either. It’s all the little things he’s noticed, that really float his boat.

He might love the way you walk with your arms swinging wide and free, or that you tilt your head when he talks, or how you ravenously devour your favourite pasta. You’ll know they’re genuine compliments, because he’s obviously been highly observant, well beyond your looks.

Plus, he’ll probably have a cheeky twinkle in his eye, betraying his admiration.

He embraces arguments with you

Arguments are a healthy part of any relationship, even at the very beginning. Chances are, in the process of getting to know someone you won’t agree on everything, as you navigate through new opinions, morals, values and ideas.

For example, if you tell your date something he said upset you, he’ll want to know why and actively try to understand your point of view. A guy who’s not that into you, won’t really be bothered by it and will try to avoid discussing most things that are a stretch for him, emotionally or intellectually. He’s not interested in learning or moving forward with you, because…well…he’s not that into you.

Regardless of how he expresses himself, he will make his feelings known

Everyone expresses themselves differently while dating and a whole spectrum of emotions come into play, including fear of rejection, insecurity and ego-related issues. Even so, when we’re sincerely drawn to someone, the urge is too strong to deny.

When he’s into you, in his own way, he’ll definitely let you know.

Credits: Thought Catalog

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