Grade 12: What are your plans after high school?

We asked a few matriculants on what their plans are after high school and this is what they had to say:

Zandelee Pelser“What I’m going to do next year isn’t thrilling at all. My goal in life is to become an optometrist. So I’m going to study online at UNISA and go over seas and work at an eye optometrist, to learn from them and get assignments.” -Zandelee Pelser







Marcia Ngaleka“My plans after high school are to start my own businesses. I’m a very innovative person and I like doing things that are new and different. I want to start my own natural hair care line and an eyelash line too. At the same time I do plan on going to university to study law and once I’m done with law school go on and get my Business Administration degree so I can officially start to run my own businesses and open up my shops.” -Marcia Ngaleka






Ainley Amunyela“It has been a long 12 years of school and it is exhilarating to be finally done. My long term plans for after school are indefinite at the moment but there is definitely a med-school somewhere in my future. On the other hand, my short term plans include working on my YouTube channel (StudioAirone) which I co-created with my friend and simply getting to do things that make me héppy with friends and family.” -Ainley Amunyela






Isaacs“I wanted to go into a career that involved working with people, and in some form contributed to society.

Next year I will begin my studies at SilverSpoon Academy in Windhoek and I couldn’t be more excited!
I have a passion for food, people and self-expression in any form. The hospitality industry provides all these qualities that I searched for in a career that I could thrive in and enjoy.
I cannot wait for what 2019 has to hold.” -Eden Isaacs

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