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Spring Accessories We Love

Spring has finally made waves and we couldn’t take of the smiles from our faces because DAMN, this is the season of slayage and showing off your fashion skills- meaning it is time to go shopping.

If your budget isn’t going to stretch to a full wardrobe overhaul, click > How To Shop On a Budget As a Student.

You’re welcome!

Tiny Sunglasses 

The tiny sunglasses trend are here to stay. If you don’t already own them, get you some! They carry all type of sassiness and even make you cooler than Kylie Jenner.


Bags in all sizes, shapes and patterns are acceptable. We love them because they complete even a boring look.


Dad Sneakers

Let’s be honest. We all saw this trend coming and if you aren’t falling for it, you can go back to the 9th Century.


Not just any hats. Embroidered baseball hats is what we are talking about! This trend has been going on ever since we can remember and as far as we are concerned, you should get yourself a modernistic one.


We have been carrying this piece ever since the 20th Century, meaning it is here to stay. It is fashionable, updates a look and you name it!

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  1. Dad sneakers?😂 Wow! I’m yet to bump into a person putting them on.

    1. We’re sure it won’t be long!

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