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God Confident with Charis: Popularity or Purpose?

The world has so many times decided and influenced what our identity should be and what we should care about. This especially occurs in us teens, all we want to do is fit in, do the “in” thing, be like the popular kids, be on the “hit list” or the “cool list” and the list goes on. Our generation has changed what we care about and how we see ourselves. Yes, I know I shouldn’t be complaining about our generation as we are the generation but how drastically our focus has shifted from the important things truly amazes me.

In high school hearing about someone drinking, smoking and even worse things has become a normal. We have been adapted to look over it as it keeps on happening and influencing more people. Not only does this affect how we are sculpting future societies, but it also changes our thoughts.

Our minds are what run our lives. From there all our decisions and thoughts are made. According to our generation most of them are gossip, how to be better than everyone else, becoming popular, doing what everybody else is, only to name a few. To me this wouldn’t get anyone very far in life as their main focus isn’t on who they’ll be in the future but only pleasing the people in the present.  Another thing that affects this is the people we surround ourselves with. For example, how will I be able to spread the word of Christ if I decide to be in the group that parties every weekend and none of them even own a Bible? Understand my point?

When I first accepted God into my life the first thing that I saw a change in were my thoughts. They were healthier, kind, positive and were more in-depth. Your thoughts transform you into the person you are. By allowing God to become the centre of them not only doesn’t make you care about how the people that don’t matter to you see you, but you’ll also begin to experience and understand God’s will for you, His promises and YOUR PURPOSE.

And this leaves you with the decision, popularity or purpose?

So, will you be thinking about fitting in with society or about fitting into Heaven?

Charis leaves us with the question; Popularity or Purpose?

Don’t copy the behaviour and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect. – Romans 12:2

– Charis Thiele xo
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