Relishing Your Own Company

It’s about time we all learn to enjoy our own company because there’s never going to be a point in your life where you’ll be forced to be with certain people.
Make yourself a priority once in a while. It’s not selfish. It’s necessary.
Being on your own can actually provide a certain kind of happiness you’ve never known or experienced before.
-Secilia Iileka

Let’s do this, here are some tips!

  • Take Selfies
This is one of the items one can never really get enough of because after all, you need to learn to love thy self.
Look cute and have a whole selfie session to yourself without anybody to see you pose if you’re really picture shy.
  • Have a Ride

Jump on your bike, turn those pedals and have a whole fun ride as you feel the fresh air go through your hair and face experience the inner piece caused by you and nobody else. Talking about riding bikes, you get to be fit and live healthy!
  • Treat and Spoil Yourself
When last did you spoil yourself? The idea of actually just thinking about yourself and not what you have to do for your mom when she comes back from work or for your little siblings is rare. Make yourself some scrumptious food, sit on the sofa, relax and watch a movie or your favourite TV show.
  • Dance and Listen to music
If you’ve never turned up the music so loud that you’ve heard yourself sing along out loud with a smile on your face then you’ve never really enjoyed your own company.
Take off your shoes and dance along to some Zumba or your favourite music – like how you do it in the shower – which is also good exercise cause good exercise is not just set ups or jogging.

Dedicate a day to yourself and we are sure you won’t regret!

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