Life Tips To Know Before It’s Too Late

Save money early

Getting into the habit of saving money at an early age will help you to be money wise, budget and spend wisely.

Get in the habit of taking good care of your health

If you take care of yourself now, you won’t have to deal with unpleasant and untimely diseases. Exercise, eat your veggies, drink your water.

Stay in school and better your life

“School isn’t for everyone.”

Sure, but there is no way school can be completely useless. Finish your education kids, there will ALWAYS be something you can learn.

Learn to manage your time

Learning how to manage your time at an early age will instill discipline and self control in your life. Create a To Do List or whatever works for you and allot time daily for specific, important tasks.

Step outside of your comfort zone

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Have contact with older people!

They might be old and from a different generation but they’ll always know something you don’t.

Achieve your goals while you’re young. 

One of my favourite teachers at Jan Mohr taught me something I’ll never forget.

“Suffer now, enjoy later. – Mr Simon”

Learn to take care of yourself

Don’t expect people to always be there to do things for you. At some point, people will leave so learn to take care of yourself. Learn to cook, clean etc.

Learn to meet only your expectations for yourself

In life, no one will ever be completely satisfied with you, you will never achieve everyone’s expectations for your life.

Only you can set expectations that you know you will reach.

Set good first impressions

People don’t have to like you, but be a nice, respectful person regardless.

Learn to say no

The more you say yes, the more you do for people who don’t deserve it.

“Don’t be a follower, you might get lost.”

Pick your battles wisely

“Some things aren’t worth the fight.”

What life advice would you  share?

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