6 Ways Social Media is Beneficial To Teens.

Social media is extremely popular among both children and adults. Despite the fact that it can be a playground for bullies, there are ways in which it can benefit you.

1. Social Media can be a tool for gathering information.

Global news easily makes it’s way around the world, making teens aware of social and economic issues that motivate many to do good. This good can be anything from donating money to organisations that help people and even sharing a positive post.

2. Social Media can strengthen friendships

Social Media platforms give teens a chance to stay in touch with friends who are far away, they talk, connect and share memes, which we think is the best, who doesn’t love memes?

3. It can provide support for teenagers

Social Media platforms have a million people on them, this in turn helps struggling teens know that they aren’t alone in whatever they might be struggling with.

4. Social Media provides countless opportunities for teens

Teens have the opportunity to run YouTube channels, blogs, do podcasts, write books, and so much more. They’re exposed to role models and motivation. Jobs are also posted and shared on various social media networks for which teens can apply for.

5. Provides Information

Social media allows teens to have access to a large library of information that might be needed for research, homework, school projects, etc.

6. Jobs

More jobs are now demanding  a social media presence and creating a brand as a teenager, it helps them out.

What do you benefit from social media?

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