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What Naturalistas Have to Say About Their Hair…

In this fast paced world we live in, taking care of your natural hair, school work and other extra-curricular activities is often difficult. Consequently, many opt for straight (relaxed) hair which is easier to manage and style. Delta Secondary School Windhoek is one of the schools that encourage natural hair. Here are my some of our favourite naturalistas and this is what they had to say about natural hair.

-Wilka Tsetuna

Twapewa-Ashihe Mungoba:


“Natural hair is like a business,the more money or time invested in it,the longer and healthier it becomes.”

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Tresia Nestor:

“My hairstyle determines my mood.”

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Jennifer Da Silva:


“Wearing my hair natural was key in my journey of finding myself”







Mutaleni Angula


“I am a Queen crowned by my curls”

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Panduleni Shatilwe



“Embrace your natural hair. It contributes to the qualities that make you unique”

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“Get to know your coils and you’ll love them”

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