Model Feature: Anri Lombard

He’s super handsome, a great and successful young model, and we are talking about Anri Lombard. Living a life as a model has always been a dream for Anri and because of his hard work, handsome look and enthusiasm, Anri’s big dream became reality.


How did you modelling career come about?

  • I started modelling because I was a school nerd, therefore I wanted to build confidence, charisma and improve my overall appearance.

What do you like about modelling?

  •  I like the fact that it is a one-man-sport. All rewards you earned are worked hard by yourself. You have to depend on no-one else but yourself to excel.

Who inspires you as a model?

  • David Gandy, one of the most successful and wealthy male models in the world. He showed me that modelling is not a laughing matter.


Do you have anything else you’d love to become or just a full time model?

  • No, I do not aim to become a full time model. I have achieved high goals in my academic career and therefore I strive to become the next Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk of our generation.

What was the most interesting shoot you’ve ever done?

  • A “goth” shoot has definitely been the most interesting. I had to get a full-faced makeup pallet, so I looked like a child makeup enthusiast. I got so many questions from random people and some even offered my mum help.


Do you have any advice for males who wants to start modelling?

  • Of course.

You are going to be looked down on, made a laughing stock and be criticized. But, no matter how hard they laugh, the moment you pick your head up and show them you are proud – They all fall in and start staring.

Favourite place to hang out?

  • Easy – my home. With people that support me and I look up to. I like to be in a place where I can focus and have fun at the same time.


Which agency would you like to model for?

  • Calvin Klein would be ideal. But, going forward at my age I would love to start modelling for Ice models in South Africa. The have a good reputation of skyrocketing young models to success.


What are your thoughts on the Namibian modelling industry? ‘

  • I think it can improve.
    What’s lacking – The drive to succeed. Unfortunately Namibia is not a place that teaches us to strive for victory or quality.
    What’s needed – People that love what they do. People who take criticism and build on it, not those who hat a bad look and quit on the spot.
    What do I like about it – The community. Our modelling community at Ace Models teaches us to be grateful and humble. We all take something valuable home after each class.

You and your girlfriend both model, was this planned?

  • Actually yes, she started before me and was a role model for me. I wanted to walk in her steps and ended up becoming her role model as well. This was amazing and still is.


How would you describe your personal style, where do you pull your inspiration from?

  • Professionally I take advice from channels such as Alpha M on YouTube which teaches you a lot about grooming, fashion and style hacks.
    Casually I like to wear shorts or skinny jeans and some shirt that exposes my physique. My mother always said: “If you have it, show it.”

Five things you can’t live without?

  1. My mother. She motivates me and teaches me to stay grateful.
  2. Role models. People like Elon Musk, Bill gates, Warren Buffet or even Mark Zuckenberg shows me how to become the best I can possibly be.
  3. Reading. This seems silly but, Oh gosh I love reading. If you can sit and read information someone gathered over years in two weeks, that is just genius.
  4. Goals. If I have nothing to drive me forward, why would I want to live?
  5. Dark chocolate. I simply love it.


Quick Q’s with Anri

Cats or Dogs


Summer or Winter


Nike or Vans

Nike, definitely.

What’s you nickname


Favourite song at the moment

7 years.

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