Girls Night Ideas

What’s better than bonding time with your girls? We can’t think of anything. Here are a few ideas to make this bonding time the ultimate best.

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Have a ready to watch list of movies.

Should this even be on this list?

Here are some of our favourite girls night movies:

Sisters, Tangled, Clueless, The Kissing Booth, Step Sisters. (All Available on Netflix)





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Spa Night

Take some time off to do the whole Spa package, to relax, to spend time together. Face masks, do each other’s nails etc.


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There are endless possibilities for this, brownies, cake, cupcakes, I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate cake?





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Try Out Pinterest Crafts

Pinterest crafts are fun and can be quite the challenge, but mostly fun. Bond with your girls over tie-dye shirts or geometric nails.







What are your favourite girls night ideas?

Let us know below.

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