Education System in Namibia

Question: Is the education system in Namibia effective compared to the one of UK considering the fact that we are still a developing country?

Alicia says,

“It’s actually not effective due to unqualified teachers,lack of resources,lack of facilities and financial constraints due to budget cuts. The budget cuts have caused schools not to function like they had been before. We have so many unskilled teachers, which also compromises the effectiveness of learning and teaching. But we also gotta give our country a bit of patience because after all we are a developing country”.

Djeimo Mwanyekele  says,

“Well, if one is to look at the general layout or structure of the UK and Namibian education system, there is not quite a huge difference. In the UK, the system is divided into primary, secondary, further and tertiary education in which education is free and compulsory until the age of 16. Quite similarly, the Namibian layout is also divided in pre-primary, primary, secondary (O/H level) and tertiary with schooling being compulsory and free to the age 16 also.

The medium of instruction is the most potent factor dragging our education system behind. Currently, our education system only allows the Namibian child to be instructed in his/her vernacular until the forth grade. From there on, the learner has to make a transition to making use of English as a classroom language. Linguistic literature has well established that the language acquisition key progressively becomes weaker as one ages and it is believed that it is most active before the ages of 10-12. As much as the conservative one may argue that mother tongue instruction is a way of preserving indigenous languages, the fact remains that this system wouldn’t serve us the best in the long run. I whole heatedly believe that teaching indigenous languages separately as a first language would be sufficient enough for preservation adding to the fact that these languages are the media of communicating back home and at play”.

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Frans Shikulo says,
“In my observation, the education system in the United Kingdom far outweighs the one we have here in Namibia. In the United Kingdom there is more consistency in terms of the education provided around the country, in Namibia the quality of education one receives varies greatly from where the school is located, personal finance and funding provided by either the parents or the government, this mostly applies to primary school and secondary school education.
Furthermore, the level of skills advancement provided in Namibia is far more questionable than that of the United kingdom. In Namibia, thousands of graduates complete their studies each year from the local tertiary institutions and end up unemployed. According to an article published by the New Era, employers claim there is so much unemployment because the content students are taught from the local institutions does not meet the requirements of that industry at present and syllabi are outdated. On the other hand, a qualification from most universities in the United Kingdom  guarantees future employment in that country”.

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