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God Confident with Charis: Happiness is an Unwanted Gift

Be happy.

How many times have you heard that phrase? From how many people? It’s very known for how short it is but can say so much, and that’s what most don’t see, all they see is, “Ok, just smile more” but yet do they know how much there is behind that.

A laugh is such a beautiful thing, and is unique from person to person but yet it is one of the things that we keep on seeing less of in society. Why you ask? Oh, yeah, you guessed it, negativity, or let’s say unnecessary negativity. But let me not look into that. Being happy is a feeling all of us have felt, all of us have been happy when we were little and had no care in what we looked like, thought about, had or what we were doing, but yet again society kicked in and suddenly all of those things turned into something to care about and as that happened being a child of God became “uncool”. We ask then why are there so many depressed, suicidal, rebellious, corrupted teens in this world, and we will never bring God into the answer. Why? Because we don’t want to face the truth that the only way to arrive to pure happiness is through God.

Not your friends, boy/girlfriend, phone, likes on your posts, attention to name a few. None of these things will bring you everlasting happiness, but God will.

God has made a promise that who ever worships His name will live an everlasting life. No, we look past that, we trick ourselves into thinking that if I can’t even see God then why would I live an everlasting life? But that’s what is going to give us His promises, the faith and trust we need to have in Him, doesn’t matter if we can’t see to believe. So, why do I say that happiness is an unwanted gift? Well, simply because we don’t seek it from the right place. As soon as we are let down by someone or something we immediately think that there is no use in being happy because all it leads to is a let down. We constantly want it now because it brings us pleasure now. Isn’t that so selfish? Good and beautiful things take time and hard work, laziness gets in the way. But we want to turn to things that are easy to reach, we don’t strive for the bigger and better, because what we have now satisfies now and that’s all that matters. But what about when you are in dark times, when that one positive thing you have been relying on turns into something negative? Now we suddenly turn to God when previously we wanted nothing to do with Him as we found our happiness from the wrong place.

Really what we should be doing is praising God in the dark and light times, again laziness is what causes the opposite to happen.  These are times when you are being tested, your faith is. If you aren’t willing to work towards your relationship with God, then why should you deserve to live an everlasting life in His palace? God did die for our sins, but that doesn’t mean that we should just sin and ask for forgiveness, we should still honour Him in everything we do. Make effort to get to know your God, read your bible, pray, go to church, WORK for Him and I’m sure only good will come back to you. Don’t you want to have happiness forever, instead of just now in these few moments? Ok, but now all the negative things in your life are probably going to get into the way, only if you let them. If God is the centre of your life, there is no unnecessary negativity. Appreciate your wars, even while you’re on the battlefield just smile and laugh, even though you want to give up, don’t give in. Life is life, full of ups and downs and most of those downs are unpleasant, but you know what you do when going downhill? Just smile and laugh when you can, enjoy the pain. Think about how far you have made it, how confident and strong those other mountain climbs have made you. Purpose is what those down times are filled with, just start thinking of all the positive things, like the only way you can go now is up, so run to the challenge of being so powerfully unstoppable with your God’s plan that even you are going to be shocked when you are at that mountain top, looking down and wondering how the hell did I get up here? God is the reason. Wear that smile that God has created with his own hands, even when your vision is blurred from the tears full of pain, scare them away with a smile, scare your enemies when you smile in the pain and simply laugh because you know that no matter what you still have a way making, miracle-working, promise keeping God that can light up the darkest room. So next time when life has hit you hard, imagine your situation being a pitch black room, with no way of light coming in, and then suddenly you see a light, that brightens everything and makes it visible and start to laugh at all the beautiful, messy feelings you have been trying to hide away all this time. So, to me happiness means that you find the beauty in all the pain, when all you can think about and do is a smile and laugh, when you have no room for sadness in your life. When sadness does tackle you, you scare it away by making it beautiful and precious, start appreciating it, that’s what I see in happiness. I challenge you to make your happiness a wanted gift from God. You deserve it.

It’s never too late to change.

So now look at this phrase “Be Happy”
Now tell me, are you are going smile? In the good and in the bad?

– Charis Thiele xo
Instagram: @chxris.t  | Blog: God Confident with Charis

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