What Are Your 2018 Aspirations?

Do you believe in New Year Resolutions? If yes, have you kept to them?

Setting goals for yourself is just as important as life. If you have no goals, you have no direction as to where you are going in life. You are rather fulfilling others’ goals instead of yours.

To help you get inspired this year, we asked a few students what their aspirations for this year are, or more so, in the future.


Beyonce Boois -Jan Mӧhr Secondary School

I aspire to be a more helpful, tranquil, optimistic and grateful person. I grew up with very open minded home. As a result of my upbringing I have become a feminist which is an advocate for women’s rights. I am a book worm and my favourite books is Twilight.

As for career, I want to become a general practitioner. A general practitioner is a medical doctor who treats acute chronic illnesses and provides preventive care and health education.I want to become a doctor because I am absolutely fond of helping people. I am also keen on traveling, that is why I will be joining the borderless doctor organisation. These doctors volunteer to travel and help people that don’t have proper medical attention.

“Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were big things” -Robert Brault


Rauha Severus – UNAM Student

“This year is all about fun for me. I want to have fun with friends, go camping, have a girls’ getaway and definitely visit the Quiver Tree Forest. I want to learn how to drive or get my learner’s and learn how to swim. I also want to start a society at school and go to studio, maybe even get an iPhone. Lastly, I want to meet Paul Da Prince, Odile Muller, Michael Pulse and Maria Nepembe.”


Dano Kotze –Windhoek High School

I am a proud learner of Windhoek High School and have the honor to be one of the school young leaders. My dream is to help others. That is also a reason why I became a leader in our school and also a reason why I joined our schools Voice of hope team. I believe in humility and respect and that’s why I want to motivate our generation to take a stand in the current time we are in. I have learned in my life that it’s a choice if you want to be seen as a child or as a grown up, because I learned that the Lord used 16, 18-year-old boys and girls to lead Kingdoms and I really want to motivate the person that’s reading this to take control in their school, home and make the difference.

“Hopes and dreams are only the start of the hill, working and dedication completes the hill.”


Tulipomwene Kalunduka – Windhoek High School

“Walking into 2018, my heart was fuming with thoughts of all the wondrous memories I would create. Being in my matric year, my heart is overflowing with all of my aspirations for the year. One of my biggest priorities set for the year is to create unforgettable memories in closure of my 12 year journey in school. I wish to further concentrate on literature, public speaking and social events. To allow my tongue to indulge in beautiful conversations, my hands to focus on art again, my words to captivate an audience and my feet to dance to the beat of serving. I want to further invest into building my character and strengthening my effectiveness as a leader. With the blessing of being at WHS , I am eager to use my platform as LRC, to place a mark on every soul that crosses my path and wholeheartedly serve my school. In this year, I have a desire to rattle this earth with my God-given talents and with the power and strength within me. I want to seize every moment, knowing that I am depositing all my energy into that moment. I long to ensure that my energetic self, brings life to different events. Also, I want to use that energy to groom myself to reach my academic potential. Lastly, I hunger to build an empire of godliness within myself, and fully coat myself in love. With this being the end of my high school journey , I want to be able to sum up my year in 3 words. REMARKABLE! MEMORABLE! LEGENDARY!”


Emily Amunyela – Academia High School

“My aspirations are pretty simple, really. I want to step out of my comfort zone and explore new things. I want to smile more and be happier. I want to show love and value nature. I want to learn to not care about others acceptance of me. I want to take better care of myself and make sure my goals happen.”


What are your aspirations for 2018? Let us know!

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