Stay Focused 2018

“Focus on Your Goals, Everything Else is a Distraction.”

It is a new year and to start off, we need to focus on certain things that will help us build ourselves in a positive and beneficial manner and in this post, we are going to share with you why it is important to focus and ways on how to stay focused when we live in an era of distraction such as TV, phones, friends, health issues or family problems pulling our attention.

Grab a pen and your notebook. Thank us later.

Why is it important to focus?

  • First and foremost, focusing is the gateway to success.
  • You can make better choices.
  • Keeps you motivated to keep pushing harder

5 Ways how to stay focused:

De-clutter Your Mind

Clean. Peaceful. Mind. Is. All. You. Need. Need I say more?

Jot Down Your Goals

Writing down your goals increases the odds of achieving them. You can’t hold many thoughts on your mind at once, it can lead to blurred thinking. Having your goals written down gives you an outline and makes it easier for you to think clearer.


When prioritizing, you need to manage your time, carefully. Meaning that you should plan, wisely. Planning is the key to worthy prioritizing. I mean, what’s prioritizing without planning? Hard things first, perfectionism last.

“You can’t recycle wasted time.”

Drink more water.

It was proven that dehydration leads to absentmindedness. So a decrease in your ability to focus is an early warning signal that it’s time to drink up.

Get enough sleep.

Good sleep help us summon up information, think clear and make good decisions. When you don’t get enough sleep, it’s harder to focus affecting your school work. 7 – 9 hours is the ideal sleeping schedule of human beings. So get yourself a good sleep.

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