Features: Model Mauritia Gawanas

They say that “beauty attracts the eye but personality captures the heart” and I could not agree more for this extraordinary lady. She is stunning, multi-talented, energetic, kind and heavenly gorgeous.

Meet the 19 year old Mauritia, one of the most captivating young female models in Namibia as she answers a few questions.


How did your modeling career come about?

At a very young age, I was into heels, fashion and posing for pictures. My family members saw I had potential and encouraged modeling in my life. They implemented modelling in my life by buiding up my confidence by saying ” You’re the next Miss Namibia 2021″; a number they made up because I was very young at the time. It was only until 2015 that I decided to take it seriously and get coaching at ACE models, where I got training for 2 years, built my portfolio and gained experience in different ways.

What do you like about modeling?

The extra confidence it gives me. When I walk on stage or during photo shoots , my confidence reaches high levels and I feel great about my body and what I’m doing. That is why a lot of girls get into the modeling industry, to boost their confidence. It’s a very tricky industry.

Who inspires you as a model?

Ashley Graham is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Her face, her smile, her body, her everything. She is a game changer and will always be. She is a powerhouse and my women crush everyday.

Do you have anything else you would like to become or just a full time model?

I aspire to be an interior designer as well as an event planner. These two occupations intrigue me a lot and the idea of doing it makes me excited. The main motto is to do something you love and I truly love it.

What was the most interesting shoot you have ever done?

My first studio photo shoot also known as my recent photo shoot was the most interesting and exciting. I mostly do outdoors photo shoots so it was my first of many studio photo shoots.

Share with us your beauty routine.

WATER. WATER. WATER. I learnt the hard way that water is the way to go. I have a combination of oily and dry skin. My forehead is oily and the rest is dry, so I use less harsh products like Johnson’s coconut milk bar soap and their day and night cream. Furthermore, I use Nature’s Nourishment rose water and Witch Hazel Toner. I wear less make up as possible. Monthly, I go and get a facial massage at Dakaios Salon. Eating oily foods is unfortunately my weakness but I try to eat that less of it.

Do you have any advice for those who want to start modelling?

Keep your head high and believe in yourself. I am not exactly the model height but I try every modeling casting I can join. Although I get reject every time, I still find myself at modeling castings. I am not perfect at all, I’m really hairy but I became one with that and I can’t change that.

Don’t hate something that you can’t change about yourself. Don’t look at other girls as your competition because you are different to them and there is no point; you both are trying to hustle in the game there is no need for hate.

Favorite place to hang out in Windhoek?

I love to hang out most of the time at Cramer’s or Slowtown Coffee Roasters because they have the best hot chocolate and chocolate milkshake. I am also almost always at my cousin’s or friend’s houses, just chilling, rather then going out on the town.

What are you plans for the rest of 2018?

Well, I can’t expose my grind just yet, but I must say there will be big projects happening here and there. You will see me a lot this year because I’m not done. I am currently looking into getting an agency and my drivers license.

Which agency would you like to model for?

Ford Models but the agency is really cut throat and if you don’t meet the requirements, don’t even look at them.

Fun Q’s With Mauritia:

Summer or Winter?

Summer all the wayyyy.

Pizza or Burger?

Burger for sure.

Maldives or Bora Bora?


Coconut Oil or Shea Butter?

Coconut oil

Nike or Adidas?

This is so tricky I can’t choose

A Million or Mansion?

A million!

Follow Mauritia on:

Instagram: @alittlenamibians_world

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