5 Things I Love About My School

We asked a few students what they loved about their schools and here are their responses.


“I love the building structure of the school, the fact that sports is highly ranked at the school and the friendly people I associate with. I also like the option of having photography as an actual promotional subject and the lit events that the school hosts.” – Jonathan Ntumba, Windhoek High School.


“The thing I love most about my school is that it encourages reading, a lot, and it offers quality education. The school also tries to give us exposure to the rest of the country, it helps the needy and the uniform is also really classy. “ – Sesilia Kauluma, Oranjemund Private School.



“I’d have to say the whole education system is challenging but with the help of great teachers, it’s easier. Also, the overall atmosphere helped the students, including those who are there for integrated learning. There is also no tolerance for bullying and racism.” – Eduardo Ferreira, Welwitschia Private School.


“My school is incredibly unique. I really love the subjects my school offers, just right for my career choice. The uniform is everything- I live for it. St. Georges has the kindest teachers and learners, especially my classmates. Lastly, I love the events the school hosts and opportunities it gives us as learners.” – Dineo Phatela, St Georges Diocesan School

What do you love about your school? Let us know in the comments.


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