3 Fun Things to Do With Your Friends After School or on Weekends!

It’s okay to take breaks from homework and studying from time to time. This way you can refresh and catch up with friends. Here are three things we think is cool to do with your friends after school. – Mehafo

1. Go for Ice-Cream

Cramer’s is legit one of the best ice-cream spots in the city. Pop in after school with a couple of friends and try their mouth-watering ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet flavors. Enjoy a seat inside the café or outside to watch the busy afternoon traffic. Check out their menu here.

2. Cinema

I’m more of a ‘Movies and Series are for Saturdays’ kinda girl but if you’re not, then the cinema is definitely a go-to place after school with friends. There’s always an amazing list of movies playing everyday. Check out their Facebook page to see their weekly movie list.

3. Independence Avenue

This might seem weird but I find Independence Avenue one of the most fun and busy places in Windhoek. There’s an endless string of shops, a craft market and a park close by. Take a pick and spend some time there with friends, walk around, get to know the place, window shop and take photos like nobody’s watching. Independence Avenue offers a lot and you’re guaranteed not to get bored.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and plan to visit some of these places. Comment your favourite places in your town down below.

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  1. Congratulations on a great website! I’m a big Cramer’s fan myself. Wish we had such a cool spot to hang out in when I was in high school… I remember spending hours visiting friends and just hanging out in their bedrooms. Posters on the wall, music on loud or low enough to chat about everything on our hearts and minds.

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